Strawberry Serrano
Strawberry Serrano
Zernoff Silver 50 ml.
honey syrup 20 ml.
lemon juice 30 ml.
white of the egg 25 ml.
strawberry puree 30 g.
strawberry 20 g.
chilli pepper 2 g.
mint 1 g.
ice cubes 320 g.
  • Fill up to the top of ice cubes Rocks
  • Put into a shaker 1 chilli ring and feeding muddler
  • Add strawberry puree to 6. Spoons
  • Pour protein quail egg 25 ml lemon juice 30 ml honey syrup 20 ml vodka 50 ml
  • Fill a shaker with ice cubes and carefully vzbey
  • Fracture through the strainer in the Rocks
  • Decorate strawberry and a sprig of mint
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